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Bariatric surgery support groups are beneficial in the total process of undergoing bariatric surgery from pre-op to post-operative. Many surgeons are now making bariatric support groups' part of their prerequisite in order to even have the surgery.

Pre operative bariatric surgery support groups offer a lot to an individual considering under going such risks. They give the interested party and often times their loved ones and opportunity to ask questions they may not necessarily ask of their surgeon. Loved ones may have concerns about the risks involved and patient's expectations may not always be clear. It also allows them to hear questions of others that are also considering undergoing bariatric surgery that they may have not thought to ask otherwise.

In preoperative bariatric support groups they discuss everything from the nutritional aspects , life style changes, exercises, to follow up plastic surgeries often needed and the emotional aspect of it all. They often have guest speakers that educate interested pre operative patients on all aspects of the surgery. Bariatric surgery does not just affect the patient; it can affect the whole family. By bringing your loved ones to the support meetings, they also will have a better understanding of what to expect and ways of dealing with the new changes, not only in lifestyle but in physical appearance as well. Bariatric support groups can help you start a stronger support system in your own home. For those who do not have anyone in their home, it offers those individuals an outside network to help them through the process.

Postoperative bariatric support groups can be the best thing patients can do for themselves. A postoperative bariatric support group connects them with others who have undergone bariatric surgery that understand their issues. There are people from all after stages of bariatric surgery there to support a new comer and give the newcomer the added support they may need to stop negative lifestyle habits that can play havoc on their health. It gives a visual and oral time line of what they can expect. Sometimes it is just in the knowing that can be comforting. All medical professional agree that recovery and dedication required to follow lifestyle changes after a bariatric surgery are more successful if patients have access to personal help through support groups or counseling. Post operative support groups can help your with nutritional and exercise counseling as well as emotional support. It is highly suggested not to have bariatric surgery with a surgeon where there is no support group readily available to you.

The Internet has made it possible for patients both pre and postoperative to get support when their local support groups are not available. It is still recommended to seek a out off line group, however an Internet based support group can help you through tough times when you may feel like resorting back to binging and no one else is available.

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Bariatric Support Groups

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This article was published on 2010/04/03