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The phrase “Computer technical support” is quite simple, and everyone can interpret it. But it doesn’t deny from the fact that it has a broad sense, with multiple avenues. It’s quite dynamic and ever changing with emerging technologies and developments. The discipline of computer support has been categorized to facilitate better service, as specialization brings responsibility and expertise both in a technician so he can deal with computer hardware and software in a better manner. This can lead to increased speed and accuracy eventually raising the bar of customer-satisfaction. Because practice makes perfect!

Computer support encompasses support for operating system, application software, peripherals, network resources, Internet, e-mail, antivirus and more. Gradually, each category got segregated further with the development of new products. Technical support is catered by parent brands as well as independent service providers, or many a time referred as ‘third-party support providers.’ Despite having similar role they differ significantly with respect to the nature of tech support. Brand support is restricted up to warranty period of the system or software version while the independent support goes life-long. Brand support such as Microsoft support, Dell support, HP support etc. is specific to its product while the later one can provide comprehensive support for all.

Nowadays, most of the brands have outsourced their technical support services to call center or BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) as well. They too have indirect support portals like forum, community discussion and more where you can share your product issues and solutions in English or other accepted languages. However, they also offer hardware replacement service, which can be done from the local authorized support center.

Unlike past, when computer technical support was mainly catered by local technicians or computer repair shop, the present vista is quite organized, result-oriented, quick in action and user-friendly. Advanced remote technology has favored the online computer and tech support, also known as "remote support." Here the technicians can remotely view your computer screen and securely fix many typical problems with computers and networks, as well as other supported personal electronics. Internet provides the desired medium for the remote session, which is done using industry-standard security capabilities.

Other alternatives include support via phone, e-mail or chat, which are usually followed when you are comfortable in doing home PC repair. Technicians can guide you or can send you related solutions to help you do so. You can also take help from the Knowledgebase-offered on their web-portals to resolve a few of the computer issues. In case your system is infected or its running slow or you need some quick virus removal tools then you can get those directly from their site. But you should be a bit conscious with the emergence of the rogue software, which are generally available as freeware or shareware.

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Computer Technical Support-Multiple Avenues

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This article was published on 2011/07/22