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Lower back pain can hinder the productivity in the workplace. Having lumbar support in your office chair can greatly reduce pain and anxiety. Office Chairs can reduce our pain but it is also up to how we sit in the chair that can lessen fatigue.

I think that it is important to understand why back support is needed. Sometimes we like to think that slouching in our chair makes us look cool but it actually hurts our back in the long run. Our natural back position is supposed to form an S-shape. Slouching gives a single curve shape to our back causing pressure on our vertebrae. Even if you lean your neck forward, it throws off the natural posture and creates a new one. The head and upper back have a tendency to bend forward to compensate the weakening of the lumbar muscles. Our bodies are trying to make up for the imbalance which causes the spine to go out of whack causing back strain and fatigue. I believe this is why we see older people bent over in a "looking at the ground" posture due to bad practices.

A good lumbar back support should be pressed against the small of the back. When placed correctly, the lumbar support should keep the hips and shoulders in alignment. It should also create an inward curve for the lower back which is how the body posture is supposed to naturally be. However, it should not overly create an inward curve.

There are three options one can have to get the much needed lower back support. The first option is to get an adjustable office chair. This option is top choice for those who are sharing the chair with people of different statures. If a new chair is not in your budget then the next option is to use a portable lumbar support roll. Some portable rolls are inflatable allowing the user to determine how much support is needed. Going along the lines of portable support is the last option which is to place a towel or a small pillow behind the lower back when sitting.

The main purpose of lumbar support is to reduce stress to the body and maintain the correct sitting posture. Lumbar support can be very beneficial to for office personnel. However, it is still recommended that you stand after every half hour to stretch your muscles to also relieve built up tension.

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Office Chair Lumbar Support

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This article was published on 2010/03/30