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Proactive customer support is the preplanned strategy to attract the customers. These are well thought over proactive actions to let the buyers feel at home right from the beginning. In case of online business, it is an exposure to the readily available support right at the landing webpage. Business environment is extremely competitive in these days; you may dub it as buyers market. Hence more a clear business presentation, better are chances of wooing the customers. Furthermore, the customers have plenty of choice and less time to spare for a single activity. A proactive support makes it easy for them to close a deal fast.

Present day buyers are better informed and more demanding due to lots of alternative sources to fulfill their requirements. Whether it is a physical business situation or online activity, certain qualities always influence the buyers with a positive impact. These are in-depth knowledge of the company and the products, operational deftness and attitude of service to the customers. Marketing gurus are laying much stress on proactive customer support as a prime tool for influencing the buyers.

Hard working is not all; everybody likes to feel a right attitude of the business unit to serve the customers. This comes with lot of self discipline and training to be motivated to serve eagerly, starting from the business owners down the line up to sales executives. If you are a business owner, it is better for you to toe on the lines of creating an atmosphere of proactive support to the customers. Position yourself as a customer and try to visualize what you would expect and what makes you feel happy to close a deal.  For the employees, most of the companies have started training the employees to think like the customers and be passionate to serve.

Business organizations having online operations are supported with IT service providing companies for working out effective proactive customer support system. Call Centers is a prominent proactive support being used by most of the large corporations. These service providers are able to further up the proactive customer support to a good extent. But, machines are no match to give a human touch in many cases. Hence businesses owners need to be always ready to handle particular inter personal issues in person.

The companies should take the IT services only as an effective support to monitor the dealings. However, it must be taken from the standpoint of getting to become aware of the situation fast. At times, proactive support leads to a timely human intervention.


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Proactive customer support

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Proactive customer support

This article was published on 2011/06/15