When IT fails, business fails

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It's hard to avoid IT since it is so critical for business nowadays.

No matter what you do to earn your living, you pretty much need decent, working IT to do it.

If you can't send and recieve emails, can't process orders or don't have access to your customer records, you can't trade. And for most of the time, it all works smoothly in your favor.

But let's face it, when you least expect and need it, things go terribly wrong. Whether it's an external circumstance – a flood, a fire, a power cut – or an internal problem like a virus infection or a failed hard-drive, when the systems go down, you're losing money per second.

Ask yourself whether your current IT support prevents problems or actually fixes them.

Do they respond eventually or immediately? Are they available only in office hours or 24/7?

Is their support desk local to you, your city, or on another continent? Whether you outsource your IT support or keep it in-house; own your kit or live in the cloud; keep IT front and centre or see it as part of the background, in todays age you need to be sure that you're taking the right approach to keeping it running smoothly and consistent.

Do they offer the newest and efficient ways of troubleshooting? Do they support your OS? Can they access your device through remote server for even quick diagnosis?

Some IT support providers can act just like a tradesman plumber would: when you need them, expect the call-out fee each time. The trouble with this situation is that since they get paid when things go wrong, and with that given, it is not in their interests to prevent problems from happening.

What you want is systems that keep working all the time, or at least when you are consistently active support providers like Managed Networks charge a fixed fee, plus no additional charge for fixing issues or callout fees.

With IT being the heart of your business, your support requires proof of continuous coaching and certification.

This means they can only make money when the network is working and in good condition, so it's in their interests to be genuinely actively supporting and prevent problems.

If you're interested in fixed IT costs and benefit from guaranteed, active support, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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When IT fails, business fails

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This article was published on 2013/10/22